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Thanks for loving your precious kids!

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Kids can demonstrate 
intuitive/psychic abilities 
as early as a few days old.

We humans are all born with the

capacity for intuitive/psychic awareness.

While it’s naturally more developed in some

of us than it is in others, if we focus on using it

most of us can learn to clearly perceive this way.

First Things First

What Does This Look Like in Kids ?

Refusing to accept evasive answers or information that isn’t true.

For no apparent reason becoming concerned about the well-being of someone.

Being highly sensitive to some sounds, smells, tastes or environments.

Repeatedly staring into what appears to be empty space.

For no apparent reason immediately liking or disliking a person, place or situation.

Disconnecting from the world around them.

Having persistent fears that can’t be explained by experiences in this lifetime.

Having difficulty sleeping alone.

Challenging Reactions:
Unexpected Knowlege:

Expressing a persistent interest or sense of purpose.

Expressing wisdom beyond their years.

Knowing how to do things they haven’t yet learned to do.

Knowing before being told that something has occurred or will soon occur.

Remembering being in a different body, living somewhere else or having another family.

Remembering people who died before your child was born.

Seeing or hearing things that you’re not aware are there.

Having conversations with animals or plants.

Having “dreams” about being visited while they’re asleep.

Seeing colors around people, animals, plants or objects.

Having relationships with “imaginary friends”.

Experiences you may not perceive:

Some of the more common experiences are…

Your child will focus this way for a short time and then move on to something else.

Remember, being a kid is about exploring all the possibilities within us and around us.

It’s all about curiosity and imagination and that’s one of the reasons kids appear to be

more intuitive than adults.

When it’s normal kid stuff…

Your child will know it’s a real experience.

Trying to convince him/her the experience is imaginary will only

work if your child is afraid of disagreeing with you.  

When it’s an intuitive/psychic experience…

Your child will demonstrate problems in other areas.

Intuitive/psychic kids can appear to show signs of physical vision or hearing

problems, autism, ADD/ADHD, hallucinations, dissociation, depression,

anxiety, abandonment issues and a variety of other emotional health issues.

Take time to observe. If there is a health issue, there will be multiple

symptoms that all indicate one type of problem.

Before you assume there’s something wrong with your child,

assume there’s something exceptionally right with your child.

When it’s a health issue…


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